Rift 1.2: The Spoils of War release date announced (PC)

Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Rift: The Spoils of War screenshot
Rift: The Spoils of War update 1.2 will be released on May 10, 2011 announced Trion Worlds. This is the second major update for the game.
There will be many major updates from The Spoils of War including Facebook integration, a new type of instanced content called a "Sliver," additional zone events, and several in-game features, including a Looking-for-Group system, an additional role, and a new Wardrobe.
With Facebook integration, players can open a rift from the Plane of Bragging Rights by updating their profiles with screenshots, YouTube video links, and Achievements directly from in-game. The update also introduces "Slivers," 10-person raids that put players in alternate realities where invaders from the planes have "won" and Ascended must fight to set things right!
In advance of Rift 1.2, Trion is kicking things off today with the Spoils of War prelude. Earth and Fire rifts are opening unexpectedly all across Telara, spilling forth mysterious fragments of golden dragon eggs along with the usual monstrosities. Daily quests in Meridian and Sanctum offer special rewards to those Ascended who attempt to solve this planar conundrum.
Sounds like pretty cool stuff for Rift fans!
Here is a look from TGN TV.

Josh 06 May, 2011

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