Virgin na Kankei R

Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Type : Manga
Author(s) : KOBAYASHI Takumi
Language : English
Status in Home Country : 3 Volume [Ongoing]
Scanlation Status : [Ongoing]
Genre(s) : Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Mature, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life
Other title(s) : -
Manga info : Baka-Update

Scan Groups : Solaris-SVU
Related Series :

  virgin na kankei(Prequel)

Summary :
After Kimijima managed to get married with his beautiful love interest Kana -san and they start "they happily ever" after life style, nothing could go wrong... Right?

... Well, Kimijima himself doesn't seem to have that luck in work, as he gets a sudden transfer for another office and is forced to live away from his lovely wife.... What's even "worse" is that Kimijima's old luck with women will lead him again into the path of his cheating antics, without him even realizing it...

Will he go undiscovered again this time? And just how many women are going to be involved this time around?

Size : -

Vol 01 : | MF | FK | UL | 80MB
Vol 02
Ch 07 : | MF | FK | UL |
Ch 08 : | MF | FK | UL |

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