Dota-Blog: “DotA IMBA! Imbalance In Balance” plus 1 more

Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Dota-Blog: “DotA IMBA! Imbalance In Balance” plus 1 more

Posted: 21 Jun 2011 07:42 AM PDT

actually already out there for quite some times. However, not many people are able to play it because the map is using the Chinese language. But lucky for us, Harekke recently just translate the DotA IMBA map, which originally created by Mimya, into English version.

"Hey Alief, wait, what do you mean by DotA IMBA? I never play it before!" Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you. DotA IMBA is similar to the regular DotA. But there's one big difference, the skills are all IMBA (Imbalance). Imbalance is a term which means too powerful. Something which is avoided by IceFrog on the regular DotA map.

Want to know the example? Check out below pictures!

What? Purification deals 9999 damage to nearby unit?
  Woot! Super Giant Tiny!  

Wants more? Fissure has 4 times of the usual length. Ravage is casted 4 times in a row. And many more! And don't forget, Mimya also added Ice Phoenix and some additional items on this map. Cool!

Can't wait to try it? Check out the download link below!

DotA IMBA 3.77b EN Revised Download
DotA IMBA 3.77b EN Revised Download via GameWebZ

Enjoy the map! Don't forget that this map is come with AI, so you can try it by yourself. But i bet playing with your friends is a lot more interesting. Let's hope that when the DotA 2 finally came out, Valve will provide us with some fun custom mode like this :)
Posted: 21 Jun 2011 12:57 AM PDT

Here you go! Another episodes of awesome moves and funny scenes, enjoy!

WoDotA Top 10 Weekly Vol. 56

10: Pudge Predict Magina's Blink location and bite him to death
9: Nerubian Assasin got Triple Kill with his bugs
8: Storm Spirit killed Mirana with a blind Remnant while she is invisible
7: Axe using Tango to escape from Earthshaker and Drow Ranger, allowing PotM to kill Raigor and gain First Blood. Axe then kill Traxec for the second kill
6: Faceless Void's Vanguard, Backtrack and Time Lock save and allowing him to kill Akasha and Chen.
5: Huskar got an Ultra Kill by turning on/off Armlet then saving himself from tower with another Armlet trick
4: Tauren Chieftain did a desperate stun while ganked by 4 heroes. Saving him and allowing Kunkka to cast Ghost Ship and Torrent combined with Tauren Chieftain's ultimate. Get an Ultra kill.
3: Raigor is deceiving Balanar by using the fog and the tower.
2: Dark Seer Vacuum all the enemies and Rhasta trapped 4 of the enemy heroes using Ward allowing Undying to get a Rampage
1: ClockWerk used timely Blademail, Hookshot, Cog, Battery Assault to kill his opponents
Special: Skeleton King lost his Relic to Sand King (lol)

DotA Fail Scenes Vol. 38

1: Alchemist Chemical Rage wore off just after Voojin cast the curse. And it seems the health decrease from Chemical Rage (1.8k HP) to the normal form (1.2k HP) also counted as damage, cause the curse to deal heavy damage and killed him.
2: Windrunner trapped by Neutral Creeps who woke up because the morning came. (Seriously, i never know that the Neutrals could wake up by them self)
3: Doombringer mistakenly cast Doom on the Neutral Creeps instead of Devour.
4: Axe got chased by 2 Neutral Centaur until near the tower and got killed
5: Rubick steal Charge of Darkness. And while Barathrum using Charge to escape, Rubick also chased him by using Charge of Darkness! Funny sight!
6: Barathrum with Aegis died while using Charge of Darkness. But apparently he still chasing while he dead and revive in the other place :D

Thanks to JK for the video. Don't forget that you can always check awesome collection of DotA videos on the Media Forums. Cheers!

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