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Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

The 9th annual Research@Intel Day will be held at the Computer History Museum on June 7th and 8th, 2011. The event highlights more than 40 research projects demonstrating the latest in technology innovation from researchers at Intel Corporation. Intel Labs pulls back the curtain to give media a peak at the future in the areas of cloud computing, visual computing, HPC,mobile computing, platform innovations, and security. Check back here over the next couple of weeks as we post a few videos and white papers from some of the most popular research demonstrations.

In case you missed it, Intel launched a new visual research center earlier this year. The Intel Science and Technology Center for Visual Computing (ISTC-VC) will develop innovations in lifelike computer graphics, natural user interfaces, and realistic virtual humans that will make people's technology experiences more immersive in the future. The goal is to drive visual computing applications that look, act and feel real, and to make the technology broadly accessible to consumers.

Until the new videos are ready, here are a few of the most popular videos from the 2010 Research@Intel Days:

  • Creating and Visualizing 3D Content in ScienceSim
    Creating and Visualizing 3D Content demonstrates the progress in scaling the capabilities of the ScienceSim virtual world and features a collection of projects aimed at expanding the web to include interactive 3D applications. This demo gives an overview of software to facilitate the creation, integration and visualization of 3D content for both personal and professional applications. For more information, see
  • OASIS (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System)
    OASIS (Object-Aware Situated Interactive System) combines real time computer-vision algorithms. 3D cameras and micro-projections for fast recognition and tracking of everyday physical objects and gestures. This demo uses projected displays on everyday household surfaces to create interactive "islands" for in-home applications. This is easy to retrofit to any home, any room, and almost any horizontal or vertical surface. This project anticipates new capabilities for the future home and the implications for the home server application and functions.
  • 48-Core Single-Chip Cloud Computer
    The experimental 48-core Single-chip Cloud Computer concept vehicle is a many-core research microprocessor. It integrates features found in today's cloud datacenters into silicon, such as a packet-based mesh network and support for message-passing programming models. Fine-grain power management takes advantage of 8 voltage and 28 frequency "island" across the chip to allow dynamic voltage and frequency scaling of the cores and mesh. For more information, see
  • XML3D for Visualizing 3D Web Content
    Intel is actively researching ways to demonstrate 3D Content and interactive movement on the web. The XML3D demo shows a sample interactive 3D application that enables the user to interactively walk around a 3D building model in real time. This effort showcases research from the Intel Visual Computing Institute in Saarbrucken, Germany in collaboration with Saarland University. For more information visit

07 Jun, 2011


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