Alan Wake: Night Springs coming to Xbox Live Arcade, confirm reports

Minggu, 22 Mei 2011

The Night Springs TV show in Alan Wake 1
Alan Wake 1 going multiplatform may or may not still be in the works, but more Alan Wake has been confirmed as Alan Wake: Night Springs; an all-new game for the Xbox Live Arcade, confirmed reports.
Earlier, as we reported (click the link above), Remedy had confirmed that more Alan Wake was on the way soon, and hinted that the series might be coming to multiple platforms. But we didn’t know anything concrete until now. All we knew is that the new game was NOT Alan Wake 2, nor that it was downloadable content for the first game.
Now reports have surfaced online by web-sites like, citing an “extremely trusted source”, that Night Springs is in development as a downloadable, all-new XBLA title. They even reportedly have screenshots of the game but are not allowed to release them. Previously the site confirmed Gotham City Imposters way back in February, when it was just announced recently. So they were right that time, maybe this time as well.
Obviously we’ll have official confirmation at E3 2011.

Night Springs was the fictional Twilight Zone-style TV show that was in the game. By turning on TVs or monitors throughout Alan Wake you could watch brief episodes. You can even find a copy of a Night Springs videogame and the main protagonist, the titular Alan Wake, was once asked to write for episodes of the show and was apparently being tapped for future episodes as well.
So it will be interesting to see what direction the developers take this new game, and how they tie it in with Alan Wake 1 and the fiction surrounding the in-game TV show.
Here is what an episode of Night Springs looks like in Alan Wake.

Via 1UP, XBLAFans

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