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Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Posted: 28 May 2011 06:27 PM PDT
Adani Group is a business behemoth based in India having a global footprint with interests in Infrastructure, Power, Global Trading, Logistics, Energy, Port & SEZ, Mining, Oil & Gas, Agri Business, FMCG products, Real Estate Development, Bunkering, et al.

It is a name well established among the distinguished corporate entities of India, with a young and highly motivated taskforce of professionals who are a prized asset of the organisation.

Founded in 1988 with a capital of INR 500,000, Adani Enterprises Ltd. (formerly known as Adani Exports Ltd.) is today the flagship company of the Adani conglomerate which posted INR 260 billion revenue in the previous financial year.

The Adani Group is engaged in a continuous endeavour to maximise the realisation of potential in its employees and market opportunities by synergising the multiple ventures of the Group; thus creating an optimum business model that benefits both, stakeholders and society.

The Adani group has immense experience in Trading and especially in Coal trading. It is already the largest coal importer of India and to create synergistic growth, diversified from the conventional trading to value enhancement through asset ownership by buying coal mines and entered the mining business and integrated the business opportunities.

Adani Mining operations today are spread in three countries – India, Indonesia and Australia. Apart from opening a new area of business, the mining operations in coal have ensured fuel security for the various thermal power projects currently being executed by Adani Power Limited.

Both the mining ventures abroad are not merely confined to mining but are infrastructure development projects that entail activities like laying of rail roads and even port development.

PT Adani Global (100% subsidiary of AEL) has entered into agreements to exclusively mine coal in Bunyu island, Indonesia. In this area independent surveys indicate substantial potential coal reserves, amounting to approximately 140 MMT with an average GCV of 5,200 Kcal/kg. Company has started its mining operations in Indonesia from March 08 and produced 1.01 million tonnes of coal in FY 09.

PT Lamindo Inter Multikon (Adani Group India) , coal mining company applying technology in High Speed ​​Continuous Miner of America for Joy Mining Bulungan Open in East Kalimantan province, to invite those of you who love a challenge in the work and careers from:

  Bachelor Degree Graduated Technical and Non Technical background
  Diploma Graduated Technical and Non Technical background

Detail Vacancies above please refer to LKIT Mining

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