Enslaved going multiplatform on PC, iOS? Spin-Offs coming?

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Monkey Enslaved artwork
Enslaved: Odyssey to the West could be going multiplatform beyond the Xbox 360 and PS3 or into the spin-off zone, or so it seems.
This is all conjecture, but Namco Bandai has now gone on the record saying that a sequel, Enslaved 2 is NOT in development, but that the company desires to “keep pushing” the critically acclaimed cinematic action adventure franchise… What exactly “keeps pushing” means is anyone’s guess, and you’ve seen mine.
Speaking to Eurogamer, Namco said this about the franchise:
“We’re very much behind Enslaved,” Namco Bandai’s UK marketing manager Lee Kirton stated. “We’ve got plans as to where we want to take Enslaved, we want to keep on pushing… maybe to a market that hasn’t experienced it yet,” he later added, “We currently have no plans for an Enslaved sequel. However, we are still looking at it.”
Obviously, the later part of that quote is the part that suggests that Namco is going to bring the title, or a spin-off or other version of it, to other platforms. What platforms? Well that’s anyone’s guess, but it could be the 3DS, Wii 2, PC, PSP, NGP, or iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2, etc.
They also said that they think the reason the first game didn’t sell gangbusters is because of the October time-frame where the original game released.
“It’s disappointing since it could have and should have done more,” Kirton concluded.

Currently the game has sold around 700,000 copies which isn’t terrible, but selling a million or over is obviously what companies seek for. And a lot of times games that sell under that don’t ever get greenlight for sequels… long how long it has taken Beyond Good & Evil 2!
Here is our review of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

Via Eurogamer

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