Final Fantasy Tactics iPhone War of the Lions announced. Release date is June 2011

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions wallpaper, Chocobo attack!
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has been announced for iOS release on iPhone/iPod Touch this June, with an iPad version releasing a bit later.
War of the Lions is the 2007 PSP remake of the 1998 (1997 in Japan) Strategy RPG hit Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1. However it included all-new cell-shaded cut-scenes with voice overs, an updated translation, new episodes, characters, classes and areas that were not in the original version. This includes the addition of the Onion Knight class (from Final Fantasy III) and the Dark Knight (previously exclusive to Gaffgarion, who is now called a Fell Knight). The game also features Final Fantasy XII‘s Balthier as a new playable character and a new character named Luso, who is a monster hunter taken from the second Final Fantasy Tactics Game Boy Advance game, the sequel called “Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift“.
As far as what, if any, updates this version of the game will have over the PSP original, we’ll have to wait and see. What is known is that the further delayed iPad version will include completely redrawn artwork for some of the original artwork that isn’t up to par for the high-definition makeover. No price of exact date was revealed just yet.
Additionally, a PlayStation Network version of War of the Lions (Final Fantasy Tactics PSOne Classic is already available on PSN) is also in the works.
Here is a trailer for the iPhone version of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for the Japanese release last year.

Here is a cutscene from the game, showing off the unique style.

Lastly, here is gameplay footage.

Via Joystiq

Josh 25 May, 2011


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