Funny Neighbors (2011) DVDRip | 400 MB

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Info: [K-Movie]
Release Date: 2011/04/14
Genre: Comedy
Cast: Park Won-sang, Jeon Mi-seon, Yoon Hee-seok, Yoon Se-ah, Jeong Kyung-ho Hwang Seok-jeong
Quality: DVDRip
Encoder: Demitos@Ganool 
Source: DVDRip DiVX5 KTH
Subtitle: Indonesia, English (N/A)

The most preposterous week of my life! Jong-ho, a reporter at a local news paper accuses a dog-seller in his article. When he and his wife gather at a pub to celebrate his promotion, the dog-seller suddenly comes in. Minutes later their neighbor In-so enters with a weapon and things go out of control. In-soo holds everyone hostage telling them that he killed his father who abandoned him long time ago. But his fraud is brought to light when his wife Hye-jung enters who Jong-ho found attractive the other night.

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