InFamous 2 Hero special collector’s edition and pre-order goodies shown

Kamis, 12 Mei 2011

InFamous 2 Electrocution Grenade pre-order bonus from Wal-Mart
InFamous 2 fans will be able to snag several bonus goodies by pre-ordering the Standard version of the game from various retailers, or you can get all of the below Special Abilities by buying the InFamous 2 Hero Edition of the game. InFamous 2 will be released on June 7, 2011 exclusively for PlayStation 3.
InFamous 2 will greatly enhance the original game with new elements including a “Mission Creator” that allows players to create their own missions and share them with others. As you play through the storyline in the single-player, those who are connected to the PlayStation Network will automatically get to tackle user-generated missions mixed in with the regular missions. Players will be able to customize the location, allies, enemies, NPCs, powers and limitations to powers, combat, stealth, race or platforming elements of their mission, and user-created missions you’ve undertaken can be rated. The top-rated missions will then get the chance to be “featured” and will appear in everyone’s game.
Many all-new powers will be available in InFamous 2, broadening from Electricity to include Ice, Fire and Telekinesis, and the moral system from the previous game has been greatly expanded with changes to Cole’s power color, face, skin, shirt and pants morphing depending on how good or how evil you are.
Here is a look at some of the new pre-order bonus powers.
Electrocution Grenade – Wal-Mart Pre-Order Bonus

24K Gold Amp – Amazon Pre-Order Bonus

Lightning Hook – GameStop Pre-Order Bonus

Josh 12 May, 2011

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