Mac OS X tip, How to make /opt visible in Finder

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Introduction : Intel Developer Products tools such as compilers and libraries install by default in folder /opt.  Unfortunately, by default Finder on many versions of Mac OS X hides the /opt folder, that is, it does not show the /opt folder and subdirectories by default. 

This can be annoying because Intel installs the HTML documentation along with the product under /opt/intel/...

Making /opt Visible in Finder:

The following command will make /opt and it's subfolders visible and navigateable under Finder:

sudo SetFile  -a  v  /opt

After this, open or re-open a Finder window and /opt and it's subfolders should be visible under Finder.  This allows one to quickly navigate the Documentation folder for your Intel product.

25 May, 2011


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