Quake 5 and Wolfenstein 2 not in the works at id Software

Rabu, 04 Mei 2011

Wolfenstein wallpaper
Wolfenstein 2 and Quake 5 are not in the works and thus won't be coming anytime soon, according to id, for any fans who may have been wondering about the two classic and beloved franchises.
This was revealed in a quote from RAGE producer Jason Kim at a pre-E3 event.
To quote:
"We have Quake; we have Wolfenstein. If people want that, we have the IPs to deliver it. And we have a different approach now; we're forging a new path. We don't have anything in the works right now but I think when we start talking about different things we can do with the other properties that we have I hope people are receptive to what we want to do and what we think would be fun for players to experience coming out of id Software."
In recent times both Wolfenstein and Quake have been outsourced to other developers and not developed internally at id.
The only other classic property that is being worked on at id is Doom 4 (officially announced way back in 2008), although nothing has been seen of it in quite a long time. Given that the Rage release date is on September 13th and thus nearly upon us (only four months to go!) there is a possibility that we MAY (pun not intended) see something at E3 2011 on the fourth Doom game.
Via VG247

Josh 04 May, 2011

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