Template function with default argument in a Template class

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

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Intel C++ compiler 12.0.

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Mac OS

Problem Description : 

Intel C++ compiler fails with internal error when Template function with default argument in is in a Template class.

We get an internal error when trying to compile the test case below. It compiles with without error when using Apple GCC 4.2.1, GNU GCC 4.5.2, clang++ 2.8, and Intel 11.1 091.

I am trying to pass a member function pointer (&C2::func2) to a template member template function (C2::Tfunc), where the template function argument for the member-function-pointer type is a template argument. This fails if the member function pointer is for a function that has a default argument and the class that contains the member function is also a template.

Class C1 shows that this works just fine when the class is not a template class. Class C2 shows that it works for a function where the argument does not have a default value, but does fail when the function has a default argument.

// tstcase.cpp  #include <stdio.h>  #include <stdlib.h>  class C1 {  public:    int func1(int i) {      return i;    }    int func2(int i = int()) {      return i;    }    template <typename F, typename A>    A Tfunc(F f, A a) {      return a;    }    int test() {      int i = int();      int j = this->Tfunc(&C1::func1, i); // OK      int k = this->Tfunc(&C1::func2, j); // OK      return k;    }  };  template <typename X>  class C2 {  public:    X func1(X i) {      return i;    }    X func2(X i = X()) {      return i;    }    template <typename F, typename A>    A Tfunc(F f, A a) {      return a;    }    X test() {      X i = X();      X j = this->Tfunc(&C2<X>::func1, i); // OK without default argument value      X k = this->Tfunc(&C2<X>::func2, j); // Error: Template class with function                                           // pointer to a function with default value      return k;    }  };  int main(void) {    C1 c1;    c1.test();    C2<int> c2;    c2.test();    return EXIT_SUCCESS;  }  

$ icc -O0 -c tstcase.cpp
tstcase.cpp(38): internal error: assertion failed: instantiate_default_arguments_of_template_matching: template not found (shared/edgcpfe/overload.c, line 5225)

X k = this->Tfunc(&C2<X>::func2, j); // Error: Template class with function

compilation aborted for tstcase.cpp (code 4)

$ icc -V
Intel(R) C Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20101110
Copyright (C) 1985-2010 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

$ g++ -O0 -c tstcase.cpp

Resolution Status : 

The issue is fixed in Intel C++ compiler 12.0 update 4.

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25 May, 2011


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