Wet 2 cancelled

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Now that has to HURT! Rubi is wishing Wet 2 was a reality so she could hurt some more!
Wet 2 was originally announced as in development back in November of 2010 (along with Naughty Bear 2), but after that the game kind of drifted into the ether with no solid details or release date ever announced.
Now it appears that the title has officially been given the ax and cancelled, according to two work resumes.
On both of the resumes posted online, Wet 2 is referenced as either a “past project” or, on one in particular, as a “cancelled” project.

Both of the resumes are from programmers who apparently had worked on the title at some point. This hardly comes as a surprise though, given how quiet information on the game has been, and because Bethesda had previously stated that they passed up publishing for Wet 2. Although another publisher could have picked it up.
For now consider the game dead in the water. For shame! A sequel could’ve really been good had it fixed the issues with the first game.
Would you have liked to see a Wet 2?
Here is a review of the original Wet videogame, released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2009.

Via Eurogamer

Josh 18 May, 2011


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