Norton AntiVirus

Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Norton Antivirus stops viruses, worms, spyware, bots, and more - Keeps your system protected against all types of malicious threats. Norton Insight delivers innovative intelligence-driven technology for faster, fewer, shorter scans. Rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes provide you with up-to-the-minute protection. Norton will also prevent virus-infected emails and instant messages from spreading, so you can feel secure while you keep in touch. Lastly, Norton blocks browser exploits and protects against infected Web sites. Surf the Internet with confidence.
Key Technologies:
  • Antivirus software
  • Spyware remover
  • Bot protection
  • Browser protection
  • Internet worm protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • OS and application protection
  • Rapid pulse updates
  • Recovery tool*
  • Rootkit detection
  • Norton Insight
  • SONAR behavioral protection
This is a 15-day commercial trial.
Title:Norton AntiVirus 2009
File size:60.10MB (63,022,848 bytes)
Requirements:Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows7 / XP64
License:Commercial Trial
Date added:March 23, 2009
MD5 Checksum:EBB378E76C401CC498DC0E91B87E7226

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