Announcing Version 3.0 of Intel® Graphics Checker Software Assessment Tool

Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

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Version 3 of Intel® Graphics Checker now available for download

If you're a game developer, Intel has some great tools to help make your game "best in class"!
Intel Graphics Checker 3.0 now works together with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) to help you quickly create an Intel® GPA data capture file and generate a game playability report that can be uploaded to start engaging with the Intel® Software Partner Program.
The benefits are that you will better understand the playability of your game on PCs with Intel® Graphics, access tips and tools to improve your game's acceptance in the marketplace, and access resources that can broaden the worldwide audience for your game.
If you're already familiar with the tool and want to download the latest version now, you can get it here.

What's New

Version 3.0 of the Intel Graphics Checker contains the following new features:
  • Analysis of a special data capture file generated by Intel GPA that contains approximately 600 frames of graphics data.
  • Creates an updated game playability report containing key hardware and software configuration details, plus frames per second, CPU utilization, and GPU utilization metrics.
  • Ability to upload a game playability report to the Intel Software Partner Program website and access an updated, customized Software Assessment Report that compares game playability results to Intel-suggested values, provides recommendations and next steps, and displays a Software Assessment History.

Getting Started

  • Download Intel GPA from this site.
  • Download Intel Graphics Checker from here and install on the same PC that contains Intel GPA.
  • After launching your game using the Intel GPA Monitor, use the Intel GPA System Analyzer HUD keyboard shortcut (the default is Ctrl-Shift-B) to capture approximately 600 frames of graphics data into a Intel Graphics Checker data capture file.
  • After capturing an Intel® Graphics Checker data file using the Intel® GPA System Analyzer HUD keyboard shortcut, launch Intel Graphics Checker and follow the on-screen instructions to analyze the data capture and view results such as can be seen in the following example report:
  • Your Intel Graphics Checker report can then be uploaded to the Intel Software Partner Program website, to access a customized Software Assessment Report that compares game playability results to Intel-suggested values, provides recommendations and next steps, and displays a software assessment history, such as seen here (click on the image to download a sample report in PDF format):

Where to Next...

If you are interested in improving your game's playability, you've now got Intel GPA at your fingertips. Intel GPA is a powerful, agile tool suite enabling game developers to utilize the full performance potential of Intel® multi-core processors and Intel® processor graphics. If you are not already familiar with using Intel GPA to identify and solve game performance problems, the Getting Started Guide is an excellent place to dive in and…well, get started!
Also, there's a couple of brief (2-3 minute) video tutorials showing how Intel GPA and Intel Graphics Checker work together: Creating an Intel Graphics Checker Data File and Analyzing an Intel Graphics Checker Data File.

To learn more about Intel® Graphics Checker, visit the Intel® Software Partner Program Software Assessment Center. If your company is not already a member, join today – enrollment is free and takes only a few minutes. In addition to valuable development resources, members can access business resources designed to increase their product visibility with a worldwide audience.

25 May, 2011


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