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Rabu, 25 Mei 2011

Then Intel® Academic Community supports professors in their efforts to modernize their courses and provide the very latest hardware, software and training to their students. The following opportunities are just a selection of some of the programs currently underway.

home-parallelstudio-box1.png Software Development Products Classroom Grants
A benefit of membership in the Intel® Academic Community is qualifying for a Tools Grant of Intel® Software Development Products (valued at up to $5000 USD). This tool suite can be used for teaching parallel programming in your classroom. It includes optimizing compilers, libraries, error-checking, profiling, and cluster tools, to allow your students to check their code for performance and scalability opportunities.

You may select one tools grant which includes 25 floating seats. If you would like additional tools suites, please contact us and we can arrange for academic pricing for additional licenses. Tools Grants are valid for one year and maybe renewed through the Academic community. Below is a list of Tools Grants available based upon different operating systems.
You must be a registered member of the Intel Academic Community and have completed the Tools Grant Survey in order to receive your software tools licenses.
Microgrants%20for%20Parallelism Microgrant Awards for Parallelism in the Classroom
Help to transform and revitalize computer and computational sciences with course materials that demonstrate the concepts of parallelism at the earliest levels of education. Apply for awards of between USD $500 and $1500 to help you or your students prepare your materials for distribution across the Academic Community.

Find out how to apply for a microgrant.

See recent microgrant winners.

Go to Microgrant FAQ's.

Go to Microgrant Forum.
TCPP NSF/IEEE-TCPP Early Adopter Program
The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Parallel Processing (IEEE/TCPP) has been working to formulate a core curriculum for CS/CE undergraduates for parallel and distributed computing.

TCPP launched its Spring Early Adopter Program with support from the Intel Academic Community and NSF. 16 universities were chosen from the United States, Europe, Latin America and India. These early adopters will present their work in a follow-up curriculum workshop EduPar-11 to be held at IEEE/IPDPS in May 2011.

Educational Alliance for a Parallel Future (EAPF) Academic grants
EAPF is committed to promoting the dissemination of materials and speeding the integration of parallel programming concepts into the classroom. EAPF Grants, sponsored by the Intel Academic Program Office will support the sharing of materials, experience, and expertise. With typical funding amounts ranging from $750 to $2000, EAPF grants directly fund the proposer, or team of applicants, rather than any institution. Currently there are two opportunities for academics to receive hardware, training or funding for course material creation.

EAPF Curriculum Grants are intended to enable the creation of class room resources for introducing parallelism into existing CS curriculum, conversion of existing course material into a stand-alone polished form, filling of curriculum gaps, rovision of parallel examples to widely used text books, and/or production of short supplementary materials suitable for electronic self-publishing. Applications will be accepted for review on an ongoing basis.

LittleFE Buildout Events will be led by EAPF & NCSI with support from Intel. Applications are being accepted through June 1, 2011. If selected you will receive a free LittleFe mini-cluster for your College or University to use for teaching parallel programming, cluster computing and/or computational and data-enabled science & engineering to your students and colleagues!

24 May, 2011


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