LA Noire Landmarks Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Discovering one of the many Landmark pieces in LA Noire
30 LA Noire Landmarks locations can be found in this guide, as the City of Los Angeles is host to many historical finds. With a total of thirty landmark buildings, parks, squares, hotels, libraries, stations and other venues to find in the wide open world, you will be kept quite busy searching for them throughout your adventure.
If you can manage to find all 30 Landmarks in L.A. Noire, you will earn yourself the “Star Map” Achievement or Trophy. Here is the description and what its worth:
Star Map (15G Achievement/Silver Trophy) – Discover all landmark locations around the city.
With each Landmark that you discover, you will earn one additional Intuition Point. Huzzah! To find a Landmark, all you need to do is simply drive up to it, although some Landmarks will require you to touch a certain point or drive over/under/through a certain point of the building/area/etc. before it will activate. When it does you will see it pop up on the screen to confirm that you’ve located one. Once you’ve found one, you can hold the B Button (on Xbox 360) to view a Landmark you have already discovered.

Table of Contents

Landmark Location #1 – National Biscuit Company

This video will show you the exact locations for Landmarks #1-15.

Landmark Location #2 – 6th Street Viaduct

Landmark Location #3 – 4th Street Viaduct

Landmark Location #4 – L.A. Cold Storage Co.

Landmark Location #5 – Union Station

Landmark Location #6 – El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Landmark Location #7 – Chinatown

Landmark Location #8 – Hall of Records

Landmark Location #9 – The Bradbury Building

Landmark Location #10 – Angels Flight

Landmark Location #11 – Pershing Square

Landmark Location #12 – LA Public Library

Landmark Location #13 – Main St. Terminal

Landmark Location #14 – RKO Theatre

Landmark Location #15 – Los Angeles Examiner

Landmark Location #16 – Christ Crown of Thorns

This video will show you the exact locations for Landmarks #16-30.

Landmark Location #17 – Intolerance Set

Landmark Location #18 – The Mayfair Hotel

Landmark Location #19 – The Good Samaritan Hospital

Landmark Location #20 – MacArthur Park

Landmark Location #21 – Park Plaza

Landmark Location #22 – LA County Art Museum

Landmark Location #23 – Westlake Tar Pits

Landmark Location #24 – Bullocks Wilshire

Landmark Location #25 – Brown Derby

Landmark Location #26 – Crossroads of the World

Landmark Location #27 – Musso & Franks

Landmark Location #28 – Max Factor Building

Landmark Location #29 – Hotel Roosevelt

Landmark Location #30 – Grauman’s Theater

Thanks to savgcom for the location guide videos.
We'll update once more info is available. If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments and we'll add them to our guide with credit to you!

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