LA Noire Outfits Locations Guide to find all suits (Xbox 360, PS3)

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

LA Noire Outfits include the hidden The Sharpshooter Detective Suit Artwork
8 hidden LA Noire Outfits are available to unlock and our suits locations guide will show you where to find all the costumes and how to unlock them in this fantastic Xbox 360 and PS3 game.
Depending on the suit that you wear in L.A. Noire, Cole Phelps will get special abilities or stat boosts, such as greater accuracy with firearms are increased offensive capabilities. Suits can be purchased or are available via pre-order bonuses. Additional costumes will likely be available later on as DLC.
Story Mode

1. How to Unlock the Beat Cop Uniform
This Suit is unlockable for Cole Phelps once he starts working for the LAPD as a Beat Cop.
2. How to Unlock the Golden Boy
This Suit gets unlocked once Cole Phelps reaches the Traffic Department.
3. How to Unlock the Sword of Justice
This Suit is unlocked when Phelps gets promoted to the Traffic Desk.
4. Sunset Strip
Bonus Outfits
5. How to Unlock the The Sharpshooter
This Suit is a pre-order bonus with Best Buy (in the US and Canada) or Zavvi (UK) and may become purchasable as DLC for others down the road. Wearing the Sharpshooter Suit increases your accuracy with Pistols and Rifles. Obviously this will tremendously help Cole during firefights, giving you the extra precision you need to take down criminals. Pre-Orders of this suit also come with the Nickel Plated Pistol.
6. How to Unlock The Broderick
Pre-order with Amazon to get this Detective Suit. This unlockable Detective Suit boosts not only the power of your fists but also your resilience to damage. This will help you to easily take out those suspects or people who try to engage you in a fist-fight, in which case this secret suit will definitely give you an edge.
7. How to Unlock the Button Man
This costume can be unlocked by successfully beating the Badge Pursuit Challenge and gives Cole extra ammo. – Alternatively it was available as a pre-order bonus in the USA, Canada and Australia through GameStop and EB Games and through GAME in the UK. The Pre-Order bonus also comes with the additional “The Naked City Case” downloadable content.
8. How to Unlock the Chicago Lightning Suit
Only available through the Rockstar Social Club. – This unlockable Chicago Lightning Suit outfit is not only stylish, but it is also exclusively available to members of the Rockstar Social Club and probably will not be available for non-members until much later. – Wearing this suit enhances the accuracy of both Shotguns and Machine Guns.

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