LA Noire Vehicles Locations Guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

A 1940s era taxi cab in LA Noire
Our LA Noire Vehicles locations guide shows 56 listed cars. Like with almost all Rockstar games, cars, trucks & police vehicles play a major role in L.A. Noire and are Phelps’ primary mode of transportation around Los Angeles.
You’ll use them to help Cole investigate crimes and Cases across the city, and play into chasing criminals down as well as in high speed chases. Like the rest of the game, all of the vehicles are taken from the 1940s era. The developers actually got access to Jay Leno’s personal garage, which has many cars from the ’40s, and many of the ones in the game are modeled after them.
Because Cole Phelps, the main character is a cop, you can commandeer any vehicle you come across, just like in other Rockstar titles.

Vehicles List

1. American LaFrance Fire Truck
2. Buick Ambulance
3. Buick Convertible
4. Buick Eight Coupe
5. Buick Super
6. Cadillac Series 62
7. Cadillac Series 62 Convertible
8. Cadillac Series 75 Town CarHIDDEN CAR
Location: You will be able to find this car in Hollywood. This car is located in the garage of the Alaco station. This garage is located on the corner of Bronson Avenue and Fountain Avenue.
9. Cadillac V-16
10. Chevrolet 3100
11. Chevrolet 3100 Tow Truck
12. Chevrolet Combination Car
13. Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible
14. Chevrolet KC
15. Chevrolet Master
16. Chevrolet Roadster
17. Chevrolet Styleline
18. Chrysler Airflow
19. Chrysler DeSoto
20. Chrysler DeSoto Taxi
21. Chrysler New Yorker
22. Cisitalia 202 Coupe
23. Cord 810HIDDEN CAR – You will need to have a look for an old double story building on Mateo Street. This car is hidden in the sub-level behind the building. It is located at the bottom of the angled driveway. Make your way into the garage through the door. You will also be able to get your hands on this car during “Hotel Bandits”.
24. Delage D8-120 S
25. Duesenberg J Walker Coupe
26. Ford Coupe
27. Ford DeLuxe
28. Ford DeLuxe Convertible
29. Ford Police Special
30. Ford Super DeLuxe Convertible
31. Frazer Manhattan
32. Hot Rod
33. Hudson Commodore
34. Hudson Super Six
35. International D-Series
36. International D-Series Paddywagon
37. International KB7
38. Kaiser DeLuxe
39. Lincoln Continental
40. Lincoln Continental Convertible
41. Lincoln Zephyr
42. Mercury 8
43. Nash 600
44. Nash Ambassador
45. Oldsmobile 90
46. Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser 98
47. Packard Clipper
48. Plymouth P5
49. Plymouth Special Deluxe Six
50. Pontiac DeLuxe
51. Stout Scarab
52. Studebaker Champion
53. Studebaker Champion Police Special
54. Talbot-Lago T26
55. Tucker Torpedo
56. White Model 798 Bus
57. Chrysler Woody – HIDDEN CAR
Location: This car is located in the residential garage. You will need to go to the end of the long alley. This alley is located to the WEST of 7th Vermont Avenue meets Wilshite. The door is located on the side of the garage facing the house.
58. Cisillia Coupe – HIDDEN CAR
This car is located in the Wilshire Division. It is hidden behind the Angel City Security Garage door of the Alaco Station. This is located on the corner of Vermont Avenue and Melrose Avenue. You will need to use the unlocked door next to the garage door. You will need to make you way into the building and get your hands on the car. You will also be able to find this car during “The Studio Secretary Murder” when you start chasing after James Tiernan.
59. Davis Deluxe – HIDDEN CAR
This car is located in the residential garage on the border of Hollywood and Wilshite. This is located near Melrose Avenue, Wilton Place and Western Avenue. You will need to use the side door with the golden handle.
Thanks to LA Noire Wikia and Rockstar for the photos.
Please comment if you’ve found any other cars or know new locations.

Josh 18 May, 2011


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