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Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

1.cheat point blank
-Misi Major
Hotkey = F11
Hotkey = F9 [langsung on]
-MasterMedal Hack
Hotkey =
-Numpad1 = Kartu P
-Numpad2 = Kartu O
-Numpad3 = Kartu I
-Numpad4 = Kartu N
-Numpad5 = Kartu T
-Numpad6 = Kartu B
-Numpad7 = Kartu L
-Numpad8 = Kartu A
-Numpad9 = Kartu N
-Numpad0 = Kartu K
untuk tutor lebih jelasnya baca di Readme
untuk link nya:

2.Nightclub City [Facebook Game] 
instant lv 40


* cheat engine 5.6:
* firefox:
* flash 10:


1. Go into NightClub City [
click to play ]
2. Open Cheat Engine 5.6
3. Select browser in process list
4. Scan Settings -tick hex, array of bytes, Also scan read only memory
5. Scan "0F830F0000008B5DF0"
6. 1 address returned.. Disassemble it
7. Right click selected code and select 'Replace with code that does
8. weee.. level 40!.

duid hack ( ekkekekekeke )
tools'a sama.

gmpang bgt cheat nya,
cuma scan duid lo ( 4 byte )
bis itu ubah nilai duid lo dgn cara misal dapet,beli apa kek yg penting berubah ( klo g ngerti = oon )
scan nilai duid lo yg baru bis itu ganti sesuka hatimu.

1. Enter Nightclub City [play]
2. Go to Decorate.
3. Purchase 4 of the most expensive item you can afford. Make sure you can afford 4 of those!
4. Open Cheat Engine (CE)
5. Select browser in process list. Settings: 4bytes
6. With all the 4 items in your inventory, scan 4 in CE.
7. Drag 1 out into your club. NEXT scan 3.
8. Drag 1 out into your club. NEXT scan 2.
9. Drag 1 out into your club. NEXT scan 1.
10. You should only have 1 address remaining. Double click the address.
11. Change the value to 999
12. Now drag 1 item out into your club. You shd see 99. (it's actually 998)
13. Now drag 1 more item to sell it.
14. In CE, enable Speedhack and change the value to '0'
15. Now click OK in the game and you should see the coins increasing.
16. Use a mouse recorder to help you click. Once done, change the value of the Speedhack to "1"
17. And save the game. Reload. Coins remain. Have fun.

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