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Minggu, 03 Oktober 2010

1.New Hack Misi Major.

Fitur : Misi Major Hotkey : F12

Credits : ITs_my_bGtOy

2.DLL public new by : Rinocom
Fitur :
-Tekan F12 
-Misi Major
-RPG Mode (Untuk RPG Mode harus masuk room dulu biar gk DC)
Syarat agar cheatnya work :
PC anda harus terinstall MSVC++ 2008 
.NET Framework 3.5
Cheatnya hanya work di windows xp sp3
Special thanks to:N3 goun bond
Trainer GunBound International 2010 + GamerzAim Pro Update Vercion 9.14
Updated September 14, 2010


To activate HITKO first click the hack before entering a room.


Atomix HACK
To use it you need to activate before entering a room, served in any room (you master or not.)


GP Hack (Alt+ Solo Master)

AutoWin (Alt+ Solo Master)

Auto JewellWin (Alt+Z): Well this Auto Win, can be used in any room and activate it when he shot and someone there is given a good shot.

Double Turn (Alt+X) : Well this hack is to steal a turn or you can, but be very quick to use it, have an example: When we are shooting and the time is still running .. shoot the shot as soon as you press the keys on Double Time (Alt+X) and give us back another 20 seconds more .. and so on for every shot a bullet achieve more..

Angle 360: Does it give you trouble if the angle reaches a limit and I can not go up or down? With this function you can move at any angle without restrictions, ie, 360.

Bunge Shot(Alt + R): This is a kick Bunge Bunge activates the item, making it much more hollow than usual.

Health (ALT + T): With active ste the Item1 of endlessly bandage is not necessary to be the Master.

Walk Hack: You will have to walk as much as you want, without restriction, walking the whole stretch your turn you want without your move is completed.

ITEM DELAY:This function enable Item Delay serves to gain time and steal shifts, ie if you use a Item1 lose no time restriction for the use.


User Functions Powers

Power user 1 = PU + FENIX + TIBURON
Power user 2 = PU2 GREEN+ FRANK + TIBURON + MAYA
Puwer user 2 plus = PU2 PURPLE+ All
(Only Master)

Shoot Hack: This is an old hack that is being relaunched now, click on the image of each shot or bullet if we change the 1 in the Bala Bala 55 or Bala 2, we will see that change when playing, and we need to work perfectly be Room Master Room or Creators or have the room key.

No need to choose the Interface, u can use the Interface New or Old, GamerzAim detects the type of interface you're using. Calibrated for New Interface to Interface old.

Don't need key room or Room Master :D, run perfect any position in room.


1. Run Trainer
2. Log in GunBound.
3. Between, on one server.
4. Use the Trainer as desired.
5. If you want to use the GamerzAim, press Supr / Del, to enable GamerzAim.
6. Inside the game use the "Interface Old" or "Interface New".
7. Have fun !

GamerzAim Pro
Version GIS

link donwload http://downloads.zid...amerzAimPro.rar sumbernya

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